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Grid Frequency Data - WETI


Grid Frequency Data - WETI

Data type: grid frequency data
File type: CSV
Location of measurement: Flensburg, Germany
Resolution: ~ 6.1Hz
Measurement precision: 3 decimal


The presented grid frequency data is part of research activities at the Wind Energy Technology Instiute (WETI) at the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. The measurement campaign is conducted in Flensburg, Germany. Hence, the grid frequency of the synchronous area of Continental Europe is tracked. A Dewetron 2010 measurement system is used to record and compute the data. The measurement system computes the grid frequency by tracking the grid voltage with a high sampling rate of 50 kHz. Every 164 ms the software fits a sinusoidal curve into the recorded voltage measurement points using the least-square-sums approach. The period of the resulting sinusoidal function is used as a measure for grid frequency.

Data Structure

Each csv-file provides data for one month of the year. Data is structured as follows:

Column 1: Year of type integer

Column 2: Month of type integer

Column 3: Day of type integer

Column 4: Hour of type integer

Column 5: Minute of type integer

Column 6: Second and Milliseconds of type float

Column 7: Deviation of the nominal grid frequency in Hz of type float


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