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English Preparation Course – Online and self-directed

Available from 1 September 2024

Why participate?

because the course offers 

  • an uncomplicated way to refresh and improve your lower/ intermediate English skills
  • an opportunity to find out what you already know or remember and where you still need a bit of extra practice
  • flexible learning - allowing you to log in and learn from anywhere
  • vocab, grammar, reading and comprehension exercises on different levels and of different lengths for you to choose from
  • a starter session on campus to practice your speaking skills and to meet new people

For a short preview of what to expect in the online course: https://youtu.be/OBvwDxuNEkg

On-campus starter session

30 August, from 9am– 2.30pm


Container building 12.2, room 12.2-10


For registration details just send an email to: margret.reimer@hs-flensburg.de