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WETI-Ringvorlesung: WSTECH – Leading Specialist in Power Electronics

05.12.2022 - 18:00 Uhr
WETI (Nordstr. 2), Raum V1.12 & digital über Webex

The lecture/Der Vortrag

Full title/Vollständiger Titel

WSTECH –  Leading Specialist in Power Electronics including PV, Wind and Battery Storage Systems


During the session, the speakers will introduce the German company Wind & Sun Technologies (WSTECH) GmbH. The company develops and produces a whole range of solutions for the renewable energy, grid and energy storage sectors including inverters, switch gears, transformers and customized solutions for wind, photovoltaic and energy storage systems in Flensburg.




Mark Ahmling, Head of R&D Department at WSTECH GmbH.

Mark Ahmling was born in 1978. After his apprenticeship as an energy electronics technician, he studied electrical engineering specializing in high frequency and communications technologies. Since 2004, Mr. Ahmling is employed at the WSTECH GmbH. Over the years, he has been involved in the development of inverters in the field of hardware and software, as well as their integration into customer systems. Mr. Ahmling started as a graduate student, and is now in charge of the department R&D.

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  • Room V1.12, Norstraße 2, 24937 Flensburg


The lecture series/Über die Ringvorlesung:

The Wind Energy Technology Institute is organizing a series of lecture in the summer semester 2022. We welcome anyone interested in the wind industry to join us. We have invited lecturers from the various branches of the wind industry to speak about exciting topics. There will also be the opportunity for a short discussion after each of the talks.

Wind Energy Technology Institute (WETI) der Hochschule Flensburg veranstaltet im Sommersemester 2022 wieder eine Ringvorlesung und lädt alle Interessenten dazu ein! Es werden Referent*innen aus Industrie und Wirtschaft über spannende Themen aus der Windbranche referieren. Im Anschluss der Vorträge besteht die Möglichkeit im Rahmen einer Diskussionsrunde Fragen zu stellen und das Thema zu vertiefen.