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STM – Sea Traffic Management

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Projektbudget 42.900.000,00 Euro


Sea Traffic Management (STM) is an offshoot of the MONALISA projects and will overcome many of challenges between stakeholders in the maritime industry. The MONALISA 2.0 (2012-EU-21007-S) project has defined STM and defined a target concept and key performance indicators.

The STM Project shall provide a validated concept for STM and demonstrate the STM concept in the European Maritime Simulator Network and large-scale test beds in the Nordic as well as in the Mediterranean Seas, including around 300 vessels, 10 ports and 3 shore based traffic centres.

The tests within the STM Validation Project will be analysed and evaluated in accordance with the Guidelines on Harmonised Test Bed Reporting by IMO. Competencies and training requirements for STM implementation will also considered in the same context. This project aims to support the development of e-Navigation within the IMO and IALA and the e-Maritime concept by the European Union.The Community of the STM Validation Project includes leading companies of navigational equipment, maritime authorities and ministries of six European countries, recognized academic institutions and simulator centres and other relevant partners.For more information visit the project website or watch the project presented in a short video.