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African-German Virtual Academy (AGVA)

Projektbudget 274.000,00 Euro


The core theme of the Centre for Business and Technology in Africa is the intercontinental communication between Germany and our African Partners. We focus especially on case studies and intercultural projects for students from both continents. In our Autumn and Spring School, as well as in semesters abroad (both in Germany and Africa) students get the chance to participate in our German-African programmes.

To enable even more students to be part of this intercultural experience, the African-German Virtual Academy (AGVA) will develop new e-learning modules in 'Information Technology', 'Logistics in Emerging Economies' and 'Business in Africa.'  When designing our e-learning modules, we are committed to providing high quality teaching on technical content of our international projects as well as focusing on different types of interactivity which allow students to share cross-border experience and be part of the exchange.


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