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Annual Scientific Conference of Applied Bio and Food Sciences 2019

12.12.2019 - 12:00 Uhr
12.12.2019 - 17:00 Uhr
H-Gebäude, Raum H130

The students of our master's degree programme Applied Bio and Food Sciences invite you to the this year's Annual Scientific Conference: AnSciCon 2019.

This year the conference deals with the enhancement of nutritional content of food products. Four projects have been planned and carried out by the students in the course of the ongoing  semester. The projects focus on the development of food products with enhanced nutritional content or on simplified appropriate analytical methods. The results will be presented in this conference.


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    • H-Gebäude, Raum H130
      Opening remarks
      • Christoph Künzel  
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    • H-Gebäude, Raum H130
      Project MORPH
      Monitoring of Haematococcus pluvialis using CASY technology
      • Marco Genuardi,  
      • Simone Möller  
  • -
    • H-Gebäude, Raum H130
      Project ROSA Yoghurt
      Calorie reduced stirred fruit yoghurt
      • Tim Buhmann,  
      • Lasse Richter,  
      • Lukas Rommen,  
      • Antonia Schewe  
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    • H-Gebäude, Raum H130
      Coffee break
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    • H-Gebäude, Raum H130
      Project SuRF GUM
      Sugar reduced fruit gum
      • Lucas Bernhard,  
      • Christoph Künzel,  
      • Marwin Lenz,  
      • Benush Taherrakee  
  • -
    • H-Gebäude, Raum H130
      Project SURREAL
      Sugar reduced alternative for hazelnut cream liqueur
      • Annika Gerste,  
      • Selina Jagst  
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    • H-Gebäude, Raum H130
      Poster session
      incl. tasting and snacks