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BarCamp: Health – Technology – Participation

Ausschnitt aus dem Veranstaltungsflyer: Oben ein Bild von Steinen an einem Strand. Der Großteil von ihnen ist in Flaggen der baltischen Länder eingefärbt. Darunter auf orange-farbenem Grund Titel und Zeit der Verantsaltung.
Veranstaltung findet nicht statt.

Am 16.10.2019 veranstaltet das Institut für eHealth und Management im Gesundheitswesen ein BarCamp mit dem Thema „Health – Technology – Participation“. Das BarCamp findet im Rahmen unseres Projekts BaltCityPrevention statt, genaue Informationen finden Sie auf dem Veranstaltungsflyer.


Bitte melden Sie sich über die Projektwebsite an: https://baltcityprevention.eu/barcamp/

Mehr Infos zur Veranstaltung (in Englisch)


A BarCamp is an open space for everyone who wants to learn, develop and exchange ideas. No topics or presentations are defined beforehand. They are planned in the beginning of the BarCamp – that is the reason why such events are called ‘unconferences’ sometimes.

All participants are invited to propose topics for a session in form of presentations, workshops or panel discussions. If there are enough interested participants, the session will be added to the timetable.


Our BarCamp focuses on the topics health, technology and participation, because they are the key topics of the BaltCityPrevention project. With the BarCamp we want to connect stakeholders and to strengthen knowledge exchange between them – not only stakeholders from different countries, but also from different organizational types like Small- and
medium-sized enterprises, universities and public institutions are welcome.


  • People who are interested in finding contacts in Baltic Sea Region
  • Members of Public Health Authorities like municipalities, health insurances etc.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Health specialists, technology specialists, researchers, students and everyone else interested in health, technology and/or participation