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Master's degree programmes

FUAS offers a broad range of master's degree programmes, one of them taught entirely in English. Find out more about the course contents, application requirements and career options as well as who your contact is for each programme.

If you have completed a bachelor's or a similar degree, studying for a master's could be your next step. Whether you want to do this right away or gain some work experience first, is entirely up to you.

The master's degree programmes at FUAS usually take three to four semesters, meaning that you will have acquired either 90 or 120 credit points at the end of your master's. Depending on how many semesters your bachelor was made up of, you may have to add a semester to your master's to gain the required overall number of credit points - this total is at 300 credit points.

Does that sound good? Because it is about to get better when we introduce our master's degree programmes to you. One of them - Wind Engineering - is taught entirely in English. Others include classes taught in English. What they all have on common are their up-to-date curricula and a great focus on application as well as offering a great opportunity to further your knowledge and your career.

Find out what we can offer you.

Here is an overview of all the relevent legal information on the admission requirements for our master's degree programmes.