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Institute for Nautics and Maritime Technology

Das Logo des Maritimen Zentrums: ein stilisierter Kompass, dessen Nadel auf das M des Schriftzugs "Maritimes Zentrum Hochschule Flensburg" zeigt.

Navigating big container ships through stormy seas without leaving Flensburg’s campus? Not a problem for our students in the Institute for Nautics and Maritime Technology (INMT)’s ship bridge simulator. Research and teaching is done here in stormy and in quiet seas.

The centrepiece of the institute is the Centre for Maritime Studies which is home to one of the biggest ship bridge simulators in Europe. On 1,200 square metres our students learn to navigate and steer ships through the seas of the world and in whatever weather they may encounter; the extensive and modern facilities they have at their disposal include six ship bridge simulation facilities (bridge cabins, radar and navigation simulators) and a ship engine room simulator. They are trained by expert staff from seafaring and practice.

But of course the Centre for Maritime Studies also offers plenty of space for the theory that is the basis of all practice: conferences, teaching and research take place in 33 training and seminar rooms. The main topics of research in the centre are the efficient use of energy and the transition from fossil to alternative and renewable energy sources, the reduction of emissions and increasing the safety of seafaring while reducing the impact on the environment at the same time. With these activities the Centre for Maritime Studies contributes to the further development of seafaring and the technologies related to it as well as to the maritime industry.

The INMT is active in knowledge transfer, too. Its staff provide expert opinions, participate in conferences and give talks. The INMT and the conferences held here are meeting points for experts from maritime organisations, associations and networks.

Another cornerstone of the institute’s work is training – that of our students from the maritime degree programmes, but we also train maritime pilots and are a partner for the Maritime College which is also located on the Flensburg campus. In 2015 we held more than 80 further training seminars and courses. The topics covered reflect the range of expertise at home in the INMT:

  • Ship handling (different levels)
  • Azimuth propulsion
  • Dense fog training
  • Bridge resource management
  • Medium voltage courses
  • Maritime English
  • Medical refresher
  • Technical navigation refresher

For a complete list of courses and seminars offered and for more detailed information on the INMT’s facilities, activities and cooperation opportunities, please visit the institute’s website.

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