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Dr. Werner Jackstädt Centre for Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Logo des JZF: Ein Ring, der aus drei Bögen in hellblau, dunkelblau und orange besteht, daneben der Schriftzug "Jackstädt-Zentrum. Forschung. Praxis. Zukunft."

The Jackstädt Centre has acquired more than two million euros in third party funding since its foundation in 2011. The centre has provided consulting on more than 50 business ideas from students. 35 businesses were founded with the help of the centre. Thus the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Centre puts its main research topics into application right away: entrepreneurship and SMEs.

The centre receives funding from the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Foundation. The foundation is based in Wuppertal and focuses on promoting and supporting research in the field of small and medium enterprises (SME). Additional funds for the centre are provided by partners from local industry and the state government of Schleswig-Holstein.

Industry and business in our region are largely shaped by small and medium enterprises which makes it a perfect object for study and research. The main focus of the activities of the Jackstädt Centre are research and transfer. The centre’s staff includes researchers and teaching staff from the business and economics degree programmes of both of the Flensburg universities. So the centre’s activities have a direct effect on teaching and studies on campus.

This makes the Jackstädt Centre the connecting link between what is taught on campus and the local industry. The centre offers its consulting services to students with business ideas as well as to existing companies looking for answers and ideas on reconciling work and family life, or on ethics, quality and compliance management in the food industry.

For more information on the centre’s activities in teaching, research and knowledge transfer, please visit their website:

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