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Students on our ship bridge simulator

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Maritime Transport, Nautical Sciences and Logistics

At a glance


  • Programme title

    Maritime Transport, Nautical Sciences and Logistics
  • Faculty

  • Starts in

    summer semester
  • winter semester
  • Duration

    8 semesters
  • Degree

    Bachelor of Science
  • Language of instruction

  • Restricted admission

  • Accreditation

    durch die ZEvA und Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie

5 good reasons

  • Study in one of the largest and most state-of-the-art ship bridge simulators in Northern Europe

  • Your studies will meet international standards for ship officers

  • Study in a maritime environment

  • Get qualified for jobs on board and ashore

  • Study in small groups

It's a match if

  • You’ve spent time at sea or have a contract to do so

  • You’re not scared of taking on responsibility

  • You want to work in teams

  • You’re interested in technology and natural sciences

What it’s about

The global economy would be unthinkable without container ships – more than 90% of world trade is executed by ship. To ensure that all these ships and their cargo reach their destination safely, the world needs specialists. master’s, pilots and logistics personnel. If you want to play an active part in global trade, come on board and learn to navigate big ships and areas such as business, transport and logistics.

Course structure & majors

You will spend two semesters at sea – the first and the last one. (If you completed suitable vocational training, you can skip these semesters.)

In your first semesters on campus you will learn basics such as mechanics, maths and logistics. Afterwards, we will get more and more technical and specific, your timetable will include modules like Meteorology, Personnel Management and Bridge Procedures. You will also spend a lot of time in our ship bridge simulators – one of the largest and most modern in Northern Europe – where you will learn everything you need to know on ship safety and emergency management.

In your last semester on campus you’ll write your bachelor’s thesis.

Future prospects

You want to work?

With completing your studies you will also have completed course contents for ship management personnel in accordance with internationally recognised standards – you will be ideally prepared to work on a ship bridge, on trade and cruise ships. But you’re also perfectly qualified for jobs on land. These are the industries looking for qualified experts like you:

  • Seafaring
  • Shipping companies
  • Port logistics
  • Energy and offshore
  • Training

The job titles of our graduates include:

  • Officer in charge of the navigational watch
  • Pilot
  • Logistics expert
  • Fleet manager
  • Officer of the watch

How do I apply?

If what you have rad so far matches your strengths, interests and your idea of what you would like to study and do - in short, if this sounds like the perfect degree programme for you, you should apply.

Depending on whether you have acquired your university entrance qualification in Germany or abroad, the application process varies. If you went to school outside Germany, please apply via uni-assist. If your university entrance qualification was issued by a German school, please apply via our Online Service Tool. If you have completed maritime training already and you can provide the necessary certificates, this can count towards your studies so that your time studying is reduced to six semesters. Please ask our Course Guidance team for details.

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