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Enrolling as a student

Have you been offered a place of study at FUAS? Then all you need to do now is accept it and enrol as a student - here is how you do it.

1. Accept your place of study

If you are an international student, the first step towards being admitted to a degree programme at FUAS is sending your application to uni-assist. If you are going to spend your semester abroad at FUAS as an exchange student, you apply via the International Office.

Once you have been accepted as a student here, you will receive a letter of acceptance. This letter will provide you with login information and other details you need, to accept the place of study we are offering you. Please head over to our online platform HISinOne, to accept your place of study here. The sooner you do this, the sooner we can enrol you. Once you have filled in all the necessary data, you will receive an application for enrolment form with your information.

2. Application for enrolment

Print out the application for enrolment form you receive at the end of the online application process on HISinOne and collect all the documents we will need to be able to enrol you. A list of these documents will be provided on the form.

If you have already provided some of these documents at an earlier stage, you will not need to hand them in a second time. All documents have to be provided as certified copies.

Once you have all the necessary documents, please send them to us via mail:

Hochschule Flensburg
Flensburg University of Applied Sciences
Student Services
Kanzleistr. 91-93
24943 Flensburg

Once we have all the documents we need, we will send you your enrolment documents to the address you provided in your application. You can check in on the application process by logging into HISinOne.

If you already are in Flensburg, you can also bring your documents around in person if you want. In this case please call or e-mail us to schedule your individual enrolment date.

3. Incomplete applications – hand in missing documents

If your original application did not include all the necessary documents, please send in the missing documents without delay. We will only be able to enrol you once we have all of the documents that make up your complete application. Only then will we be able to send you the documents confirming your enrolment and student status.

You are welcome to include a letter with your name, application number and your mobile number with your application, we will be glad to call you to let you know you have been enrolled. This way you will be able to pick up your enrolment documents at our InfoPoint.

We usually take about 2 to 3 weeks to handle and process applications once they have arrived here. (It will take longer if applications are incomplete.)

Forms for your enrolment and new student survey: