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Information on the “free shot” rule in the summer semester 2021

Regulations for the exam period summer semester 2021-II:

  • Assessment and exams in the exam period summer semester 2021-II will take place in digital form and online from 21 June until 2 July 2021.
  • In accordance with the decree on measures relating to COVID-19 and the universities [Corona HEVO] the following apples: “For exams that are allocated to the summer semester 2021 ... an additional attempt will be granted if the exam is held as an ‘electronic exam’, i.e. online and distance exam, due to the COVID-19 pandemic or if the type of exam specified in the Exam Regulations has been replaced by another type of exam.”
  • Students who do not turn up to an exam they registered for do not have to provide a doctor’s note in the exam period summer semester 2021-II.

Please also note the following information already available for the next exam period: Assessment and exams of the exam period winter semester 2021/22-I will take place from 6 to 17 September 2021. Assessment and exams will be held in digital form and online. For more detailed information click here.