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“TOP Woche” orientation week in the summer semester 2023

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You'll be joining us as a student in March? Great choice! We're looking forward to getting to know you and introducing ourselves in the week starting on 13 March!

What is the "TOP Woche"?

The TOP Woche is an orientation week at the start of the semester. We'll put together a programme to make your start here as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Meet your fellow students and your teaching staff and get to know FUAS and our campus.

  • Pre-TOP Woche programme

  • The TOP Woche: Monday, 13 March

  • The TOP Woche: Tuesday, 14 March

    • -
      • Campelle
        Karaoke night at the Campelle
        with a service and dinner
    • -
      • F-building (Maritimes Zentrum), room F114
        Introduction and welcome to the Marine Engineering bachelor's degree programme
    • -
      • F-building (Maritimes Zentrum), room F15
        Introduction and welcome to the Maritime Transport, Nautical Sciences and Logistics bachelor's degree programme
    • -
  • The TOP Woche: Wednesday, 15 March

  • The TOP Woche: Thursday, 16 March

      • Campelle
        Ecumenical prayer with the protestant community (ESG) and the Catholic Chaplaincy (KHG)