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Registering for exams

Brille und Kalender liegen auf einer ausgedruckten Prüfungsordnung. Die Wörter "Module und Prüfungen" sind grün markiert.

Written exams, term papers, presentation in class – assessments are a definite part of your studies. Just as labs and projects. To complete your studies you will have to successfully complete all the assessments that are part of the individual modules. And to do so – and this is important – you have to register beforehand.

You decide when you want to take which assessment – as long as the module it is part of is offered in the semester in question and you meet the necessary pre-requisites obviously. The Study and Examination Regulations of your degree programme can be a guideline to when to take which exam.

The team at the Examinations Office have put together the most important facts you need to know when registering for an exam:

What do I have to register for?

Basically, you have to register for all assessments included in the Study and Examination Regulations of your degree programme. This includes written exams as well as other forms of assessment and coursework. Other forms of assessment can include term papers, presentations in class, practical exercises, case studies, projects, designs, computer programmes or a combination of these. Check the Study and Examination Regulations of your degree programme to find out what assessment you have to complete to gain what number of credit points.

When can I register?

There are fixed registration periods for each exam period at the beginning and the ned of a semester. You can register for exams – and withdraw again without the provision of a reason – in this time period only. Once the registration deadline has passed, your registration will be binding.

How do I register?

You can register via the Online Service Tool. Simply choose the subjects you want to complete your assessment in. Please note that you need to be enrolled as a student (or re-registered if this is not your first semester) to register for exams.

You will need a password and a username to log in and register. Each students is given these details at the beginning of their studies. If you have lost your log in details, please use the Forgot your password function of the HISinOne platform.

You will be sent a confirmation e-mail immediately after you have registered for an assessments. Please make sure that all the information in this mail is correct and please keep the mail to be able to prove that you have registered for an exam just in case problems do arise. The mail also is an overview of all your exam dates and the subject codes which you will need in case you have to withdraw from an exam because of illness. As soon as you make any changes to your exam registrations, you will receive a new confirmation e-mail.

The final admission to the exams and assessments is granted after the registration deadline has passed when the lists of exam registrations are published.

Can I withdraw from an exam?

Yes, but only within the registration period. If you want to withdraw from an exam you have previously registered for or if you did not take an exam that you had registered for, you can only do so with good reasons.

For exams, the following rules apply:

If you miss an exam, you are obliged to inform the Examinations Office within three days (including Saturdays) of the exam date in written form. If you missed an exam because of illness, please hand in this form and a doctor’s note confirming that you were unable to take the exam for health reasons.

The date of the postal stamp on the letter is not sufficient to stay within the three day period. The Examinations Office has to receive your notification within this three day-period.  You can hand in your doctor’s note with the member of the Examinations Office in charge of your degree programme during office hours. (To find out who that is in your case, refer to the contact details at the bottom of this page.)

For other forms of assessment the following rules apply:

The members of teaching staff in charge of a module decides on the formalities and time schedule for the examinations for their modules. If you miss an examination due to illness you also have to provide a doctor’s note within three working days. Please hand in the doctor’s note t the member of teaching staff.

Where and when do exams take place?

The time periods in which exams are written within the semester are defined in the list of all examinations published on this page by the Examinations Office for each semester. After the registration deadline has passed, the Examinations Office also publishes a list including the rooms exams are written in and the names of the invigilators. Use that list to find out when and where the exams you registered for will take place.