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“Free shot” rule for electronic exams and assessment in the exam period winter semester 2021/22-II

Regulations for the exam period winter semester 2021/22-II:

The “free shot” rule will apply during the exam period winter semester 21/22-II for the last time; the exam period will take place from 12 until 25 January 2022.

This means that in the exam period winter semester 2021/22-II you will have a free additional attempt (“free shot”) for all assessment and exams that will be held in digital form or online or which will be held as another type of exam than specified in the Exam Regulations. You also do not have to provide a doctor’s note if you do not attend an exam. So, if you register for an electronic exam and do not attend it, this exam will not count as failed even if you do not provide a doctor’s note.

  • The free shot rule applies to assessment and exams which have been attempted but not passed.
  • The free shot rule applies independently of how many attempts you already took for an assessment or exam.
  • You do not have to apply for a free shot.

So, as in all exam periods, these rules apply:

  • Register for the exams in due time in order to be able to take them (8 until 16 December 2021, 12 noon, strict time limit).
  • Only register for those exams you actually intend to take.

Good luck with your exams! And we hope you will stay healthy and focused when preparing for them.

Information on the upcoming exam period, summer semester 2022-I

All exams in the exam period summer semester 2022-I will take place as “electronic exams”, i.e. online and distance exams. The free shot-rule will no longer apply in that exam period.