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Information on the coronavirus

Of course, the regulations issued over the last months to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus have an effect on studying, teaching and working at our university. We will use this site to let you know what these effects are.

Please follow these basic rules:

  • If you are showing symptoms of a cold, please contact your general physician who will determine the next steps.
  • If you have a high temperature in the course of your illness, you may not enter FUAS’ buildings. Only after you have not shown any symptoms for a period of 24 hours may you enter FUAS’ buildings again.

The rules and regulations set out in our hygiene concept must be followed while at FUAS.

Every one of us can do their part in preventing a spread of the virus. Please read the information and advice on what you can do provided by the World Health Organisation. And please follow these hygiene and health measures – they can help to protect you from influenza as well as the new coronavirus:

  • wash your hands regularly
  • avoid touching your face
  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your bent elbow when you have to cough or sneeze (respiratory hygiene)
  • keep a distance to people who are ill and try to avoid large groups of people

How is FUAS affected?

We have set up a crisis management group that meets and discusses current developments regularly. We will keep you updated on the situation at FUAS on this site and our social media channels.

25 Nov 2022: FUAS hygiene concept updated  >>

As there is no longer an obligation to self-isolate for people who test positive for COVID-19, FUAS’ hygiene concept was revised and updated. You can find more details and the latest version of the hygiene concept here.

28 April 2022: Updated hygiene concept: new regulations on wearing masks >>

The updated version of our hygiene concept now regulates where face masks must be worn and where there is a strong recommendation to do so. Please read up on all the details here.

23 March 2022: Current COVID-19-related rules >>

Our hygiene concept and the instructions on what to do in case of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection have been updated to meet the current legal framework. Please read both of them carefully.

For a quick overview of the most important rules and details, please head over to this page.

24 Feb 2022: Return to on-campus teaching >>

At FUAS we will return to teaching on campus starting in March. Please read here for more details on what this means.

24 Feb 2022: Hygiene concept updated

The hygiene concept for FUAS has been updated. You can read the currently valid version, no. 15.0, here.

21 Jan 2022: “Free shots” and obligation to provide a doctor’s note for ongoing and upcoming exam period >>

We would like to inform you that the decree on measures relating to COVID-19 and the universities [Corona HEVO] has been updated. The "free shot" rule and the suspension of the obligation to provide a doctor’s note continue to apply for the ongoing exam period winter 2021/22-II.

For details on the rules applying for the upcoming exam period 2022-I please check this page.

(Last updated: 25 Nov 2022)


For previous updates on the COVID-19 situation at FUAS, please refer to this page.

General information

What to do when you’re unwell

Not everyone who coughs is infected with the new coronavirus. If you feel unwell and are showing symptoms of an influenza and if you fear you may be infected with the new coronavirus, please call your general practitioner.

Call your GP first and explain your symptoms. It is advisable to make an appointment outside your doctor’s regular consultation hours or maybe schedule a house call. It is not a good idea for you to sit in your GP’s waiting room alongside other patients.
Your GP will then take the tests and examinations necessary. Flensburg University of Applied Sciences is part of the official communication chain in place and will be informed of any relevant developments by the City of Flensburg’s health department.

If you do not have a GP or you can’t reach them, please contact the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung [Association of Physicians registered with the Statutory Health Insurance Providers] by calling +49 116 117.

Where to find more information

There are a number of hotlines available to answer questions on the new coronavirus. All of the following may only be able to provide information in German, however:

  • Unabhängige Patientenberatung Deutschland +49 800 011 77 22
  • the Federal Health Ministry’s hotline for citizens +49 30 346 465 100
  • hotline for citizens at the Land Schleswig-Holstein +49 431 79 70 00 01 (available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays)

More and up to date information on the new coronavirus is provided on the WHO’s website.

The City of Flensburg has set up a website with the latest information and developments, too. [in German]

Vom RKI empfohlene Hygienemaßnahmen

Wie für die Grippe gelten diese Hygienemaßnahmen auch für das neuartige Coronavirus:

  • Regelmäßiges Händewaschen
  • Sich nicht ins Gesicht fassen
  • Husten und Niesen in ein Einwegtaschentuch oder in die Armbeuge (Hustenetikette)
  • Abstand zu erkrankten Personen einhalten und wenn möglich Menschenansammlungen meiden.