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Business Management

At a glance


  • Programme title

    Business Management
  • Faculty

  • Starts in

    winter semester
  • Duration

    4 semesters
  • Degree

    Master of Arts
  • Language of instruction

    Deutsch & Englisch
  • Restricted admission

  • Accreditation

    by AQAS

5 good reasons

  • Choose between four highly relevant majors

  • Study in cooperation with EUF and our technical faculties

  • Study in small groups with individual support from our teaching staff

  • Study close to industry (in projects, field trips and networks)

  • Get a double degree in Australia (in the F&A major)

It's a match if

  • Knowledge and skills from your bachelor’s degree (depending on your major)

  • You like working with numbers

  • Thinking things through gives you a kick

  • You want to take on responsibility

  • You’re not scared of English

What it’s about

The best business idea is doomed to fail without a good management behind it. Every business needs managers to control processes, be in charge of staff and finances and master the challenges of the digital transformation. If you think globalisation, the increasing complexity of processes and change in general are exciting topics rather than scary, you have found the right master’s degree.

Course structure & majors

You’ll determine the big topic of your studies right at the start, by choosing  one of four majors:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • SME Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable and Digital Supply Chain Management
  • Business Informatics

We have a specific expertise and networks that you’ll benefit from during your studies in all these fields.

Your major modules will form the main focus of your studies during the first three semesters. In addition your timetable will include basic modules, on topics such as research methods and corporate responsibility for example, and minor modules in which you can extend your knowledge, both subject-specific and more general. Which minor modules are offered varies from year to year, some of them are offered in cooperation with Europa-Universität Flensburg and our technical faculties here at FUAS.

In your third semester, you have five months to write your master’s thesis, whether you want to write it on a more theoretical topic or together with a company is up to you.


Finance & Accounting

Finance, financial products and their evaluation, international financial reporting, management control, economics – all of these are not only becoming increasingly more important, they are interconnected, too. This major focusses on these connections. You will combine tradition with new developments, go to the bottom of things and look at them from the perspective of banks and that of businesses. Because you have to be able to truily understand financial products to create them.

SME Management & Entrepreneurship

Flensburg is one of the top 5 German cities when it comes to economic growth. We were awarded this position in the Prognos Zukunftsatlas because of our lively start-up community and the small and medium sized businesses characteristic for the economy in our region. And FUAS’ Jackstädt-Zentrum Flensburg (JZF) has been supporting these businesses for years. In your studies, you will be able to benefit from this unique combination, the expertise and the network that go with it.

Sustainable and Digital Supply Chain Management

The supply chain, the globalised value creation and supply chains that are one of the most crucial parts of the world’s economy are at the core of this major. We add topics such as sustainability and digital transformation and we will equip you with the tools that you need to set up supply chains, interconnect planning processes and never lose sight of ecological and social standards.

Business Informatics

For is the I in Business Informatics is definitely a capital letter. We don’t want you to just be part of the conversation about crucial topics such as big data and digital transformation, we want you to shape these topics. You will learn to identify business opportunities, evaluate and realise them and you will find solutions to actual problems using technical methods and innovative software.

Future prospects

You want to continue your studies?

When we ask our former students where they work now, one answer is always universities and research institutes. So this degree can be your door opener to a doctorate.

You want to work?

Almost 90% of our former students had signed a job contract within six months after graduating. You Business Informatics degree qualifies you to work in different fields, e.g.:

  • trade
  • Mechanical engineering and the automotive industry
  • Legal, business and HR consulting
  • IT services
  • banking and auditing sector

About half of our alumni work on medium or senior management level.

How do I apply?

Admission to the master’s degree programme is regulated by the official Study and Examination Regulations. You can find the most important requirements for admission below. If you are in doubt on your eligibility for the programme, please contact the programme advisor or the course guidance team.

You can apply for our master’s degree programme in Business Management:

  • If you have graduated with a bachelor’s degree or a German Diplom from a study programme related to business with a final grade of at least “GUT” [good], and
  • If you can provide evidence of your German language skills being sufficient

If you meet certain requirements, you may be able to apply for the programme even if you have graduated from a programme not related to business. Please contact us for further details.

Course Guidance