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Information for teaching staff and students: teaching and exam times

On the basis of the state government’s draft law on the Covid-19 pandemic (Article 16 amendment to the Higher Education Act, supplementary regulations on §101 during the Covid-19 pandemic) we are adjusting the teaching and exam periods for this and the following two semesters in order to facilitate a step-by-step transition towards regular operations.

Provisions for the summer semester 2020

Teaching will take place online or in alternative forms during the entire summer semester 2020. We are also expecting that at least a part of teaching will take place online in the upcoming semester, the winter semester 2020/21, as well.

The teaching period for online teaching ends on 19 June.In the current semester, exceptions from online teaching will be made for laboratory classes as far as they require physical attendance at FUAS. We are currently working on a hygiene concept for FUAS to allow for these classes to take place. If and when it is legally permissible, teaching on campus may be permitted for other classes in a very limited manner. Reasons for why physical attendance is necessary have to be provided and the Dean’s Office must be involved in the decision process. Classes can only be taught on campus if permission to do so is granted by the President’s Office on the basis of the hygiene regulations.

The exam period will take place between 22 June and 11 July. The planned exam period from 22 June to 1 July will most likely have to be extended to meet the hygiene regulations due to the coronavirus. The end date of the exam period will be determined by the Examinations Office.

There will be a teaching period for classes that require physical attendance from 10 August to 30 September (as an additional teaching period for the summer semester). This teaching period can also be used for voluntary revision courses to repeat and revise what has been acquired during online classes. The faculties do not have to make use of the entire period for their teaching. They may use it partially depending on what the teaching needs for a subject are. The exact time and teaching schedules will be defined by the Dean’s Offices. Tests and other forms of assessment completed in August and September may count towards the examination period summer semester 2020-II if students register for these exams for this period (registration period: 27 May - 4 June 2020) and if the grades/tests are handed in to the Examinations Office until the end of September.

Provisions for the winter semester 2020/21 and the following semesters

If regular operations can be assumed, the exam period winter semester 2020/21-I will take place from 5 October to 14 October. If special hygiene regulations are still in place due to the coronavirus by then, the exam period will be extended and take place from 1 October to 17 October.

The teaching and exam dates for the winter semester are subject to the further developments and provisions made by third parties. The planned start of the teaching period is 19 October (subject to a special permission granted by the ministry), the planned end of the teaching period is 5 February 2021. These dates are valid for all students except those starting their studies of Business Administration in the winter semester 2020/21. Due to the central Germany-wide allocation of study places for this subject, the teaching period for new students of Business Administration will start on 2 November 2020 and end on 19 February 2021. We are working on receiving a special permission to let the teaching for new students of Business Administration start on 19 October as well.

We are expecting that a part of teaching at least will take place in the winter semester 2020/21 as well.

The exam period at the end of the winter semester will take place from 15 February until 27 February 2021. The exams for new students of Business Administration will take place between 22 and 27 February 2021 only. 

There will be no additional exam period before the start of the summer semester 2021 as the exam dates would be too close to each other.

Please follow this link for a visualisation of the semester times.