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Important information on ensuring communication and online teaching

In the current situation a lot of the communication between FUAS’ admin and teaching staff and our students is done via Stud.IP and e-mail. To make sure that the information, teaching materials, tasks and links we send you and that are necessary for your studies reach you, it is crucial that you receive our e-mails.

Make sure there is enough available space in your mailbox.

A lot of you are re-directing your e-mails to your private e-mail accounts. For this to work and the e-mails actually to get re-directed it is crucial that enough space is available in your private inbox. At the moment we are receiving more and more “mail delivery failed” messages. So we would like to ask you to check your private e-mail account and ensure there is enough space available or create space if necessary. 

What happens if my mailbox is full?

If this is the case, FUAS e-mails cannot be delivered to you and the sender receives a “mail delivery failed” message. If there is some space still left in your mailbox, e.g. only 99% of it are full, some e-mails without an attachment may still be delivered, larger e-mails won’t reach you, however.

Usually, when your mailbox is full, you will also not be able to send e-mails as the sending process takes up some storage space temporarily.

So please make sure you regularly create enough space in your mailbox or change the settings in your e-mail programme to delete old e-mails etc. This will avoid problems.

Please take this seriously and react to it if necessary. If you don’t, important e-mails may not reach you.

For questions on Stud.IP, please ask the Campus Management team at