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Specific regulations on the cancellations of exams, hardship cases

In addition to the cancellation of exams announced yesterday, the President's Office has decided the following. With these regulations we want to do both, implement preventive measures to protect the health of our students and staff and provide possible solutions for hardship cases:

  1. Individual examinations requiring attendance in person (orals exams, oral re-take exams, colloquiums etc.) are not affected by the cancellation; individual cases are to be decided on a case-by-case basis following the provisions of the directive – i.e. possible and reasonable re-scheduling. The decision lies with the first examiner after consultation with the examinee. Measures to protect both the examiner and the examinee are to be taken (hygiene requirements, keeping sufficient distance). Examinations may also take place via video conference where this is technically possible and can be realised by the examiners.
  2. Any examination that does not require attendance in person (term papers, reports, bachelor’s and master’s theses etc.) has to be completed by the set deadline in principle; deadlines are not being postponed. Hardship cases may be considered separately if an application is filed with the Examinations Board.
  3. Consultations regarding the discussion of exams already graded are to be re-scheduled. Appeals that are made after the original deadline because of a re-scheduled consultation shall count as submitted in due time and will be decided on accordingly.