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Construction work in H-building

What is being built? And where?

The main entrance of H-building, our main building, is being re-done. The construction works started on 27 January 2020. Since then the main entrance has been blocked. In the course of the works the outer walls will be taken down in parts, the doors, both the revolving door and the emergency door, will be re-done and made wider. While construction is ongoing, please use the side doors (see pictures below) to enter the building on this side. One door is to the left of the original entrance (when you're standing outside the building), the other is even further to the left, on the side of the building.

The lobby of H-building will be accessible throughout the construction. We will try to ensure that the works will not conflict with special events and that any work that will take place on such days will not be too noisy. On all other days, noise cannot be avoided as a result of the building works.

We are sorry for this and apologize for any inconvenience.

Facilities Management

Modell des geplanten neuen Haupteingangs des Gebäude H der Hochschule Flensburg
Skizze der provisorischen Gebäudezugänge