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Planetarium Talks: Organic Solar Cells

Key data
Menke-Planetarium Glücksburg (Fördestr. 37, 24960 Glücksburg)

The talk

Title of the talk

Organic Solar Cells: Flexible, Achievable and Sustainable Energy Directly from the Sun

About the talk

Global warming and climate changes are upon us, and the world is more than ever in need for disruptive technologies that support a sustainable future. This is true in particular for technologies that harvest and convert renewable energies to foster a completely green energy transition.

While the sun by far is our largest renewable energy source, we to date only manage to utilize a minor fraction of this to cover the energy consumption in our still rapidly growing societies. To overcome this challenge, we need to zoom in to the molecular building blocks that are the basis for solar cell technologies, and design, develop and scale-up efficient technologies that allow for energizing surfaces all around us. This is achievable with organic solar cells, which has the potential to radically change the way we harvest and utilize solar energy in all parts of our societies today.

In this talk, this will be addressed from a molecular to a macroscopic level, including an energy perspective on how our sustainable societies will look like in the future.


The talk will be held in English.


Prof. Morten Madsen

Location & registration

The event takes place in the Menke Planetarium in Glücksburg. Tickets are free of charge, but please reserve a seat on this page.