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Maternity protection for students

As a pregnant or breastfeeding student the German Mutterschutzgesetz [Protection of Mothers Law] protects your health and that of your child. Here you’ll find details on how to notify us of your pregnancy along with other useful information.

As a mother-to-be or when you are breastfeeding your baby, the German Protection of Mothers Law offers you particular protection. This law strengthens your rights so that you can continue to work and, which is particularly relevant here, to study during your pregnancy and in the time you’re breastfeeding. The main focus is to protect your health and that of your child because we want you to be able to resume your studies successfully and without additional worries.

To make sure you receive the full protection you’re entitled to and to give us the time to arrange any measures we may want to take for you and your child, please let us know that you are expecting or breastfeeding a child as early on as possible. We will only be able to adjust anything that may need to be adjusted so you can continue your studies after we talked about this with you. We are required to have this conversation by law – so don’t hesitate to contact us.

So, in order to meet the legal requirements, we need your help. To make our talk as prouctive and successful for you as possible we have created this form, which you can hand in to Student Services and discuss with the team there.