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Automation Engineering

Student in a lab working on automation engineering devices.
Programme title Automation Engineering
Starts in
summer semester
winter semester
3 semesters
Degree Master of Science
Restricted admission
no specific restrictions

You‘re a student with us or want to know more?

Robots assembling car parts. Assembly lines filling up huge halls. Processes seemingly moving by magic. The magic has a name: Automation Engineering.

What is it about?

Modern industry would not work without automation – neither would our everyday life, in fact. Where there used to be buttons that needed to be pressed, today there are computer-aided systems. Drones do not need to be steered manually anymore, there are navigation systems for that. The list is endless: From conveyor belts to high-performance computers.

But even highly complex machines that seemingly replace people with automated processes do not work without people. The people that developed and built them. If you want to be the mastermind behind these machines, you need both engineering expertise and the ability to lead people.

What will I learn? – Course content and structure

You will need three semesters to complete this master’s degree programme. As we offer this programme together with West Coast University of Applied Sciences, you will be registered as a student there. You will also pay the semester fee at West Coast University of Applied Sciences. You will complete the winter semester at West Coast University of Applied Sciences in Heide and then get to enjoy the beautiful Flensburg campus in the summer as you will be attending classes here at FUAS in the summer semester. You can start your studies in the winter or the summer, whatever suits you best.

The topics you will work on here in Flensburg include systems engineering and the automation of production processes as well as simulation and the organisation of data. Depending on whether you spend the first or second semester of your studies here in Flensburg, your schedule will also include either a range of elective modules or a project. At West Coast University of Applied Sciences you will study topics such as robotics and process management. You will also learn about management in engineering.

The third semester of your studies is designated to your master’s thesis. You can write your thesis in Flensburg or in Heide. Whichever of the two universities you choose to write your thesis with, after completing it you will be admitted as a Master of Science (M.Sc.).


What can I do with it? – Career prospects

You master’s degree in Automation Engineering gives you the choice: Pursue a doctorate? Or kick-start your career? If you can’t wait to start working, you are perfectly prepared for a variety of career choices. Your skills make you the ideal candidate for a job in any company that uses automated production facilities. Your job description could include planning these facilities as well as putting them into operation and supervising them. You will also have the expertise to further improve them.

You can also work for companies developing, producing or distributing components of and systems for automated facilities, for research institutes or for engineering offices. Automation Technology is also important for businesses in the field of software development when it comes to visualising automation processes for example or when information is to be transferred between different automation systems.

System integrators and other service providers in this fields will also have positions that match your profile.

How do I apply?

If what you have rad so far matches your strengths, interests and your idea of what you would like to study and do – in short, if this sounds like the perfect degree programme for you, you should apply.

The university in charge of this degree programme is West Coast University of Applied Sciences. Please apply for a place in this programme with them. They will also enrol you as a student.

To apply, you should hold a bachelor’s degree in the field of Electrical Engineering/Information Engineering or in a similar engineering degree programme in which you acquired basic knowledge of automation technology. The grade on your bachelor’s certificate should be “good” or better. As the master’s degree programme in Automation Engineering is designed to take three semesters, your bachelor’s degree programme should have been comprised of seven semesters, i.e. a minimum of 210 CP. If your bachelor’s degree was worth 180 CP, you will have to meet additional requirements.

To find out what these requirements are and what else you should know for your application to be successful, please contact the Course Guidance at West Coast University of Applied Sciences.

Course Guidance