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Business Administration

At a glance


  • Programme title

    Business Administration
  • Faculty

  • Starts in

    summer semester
  • winter semester
  • Duration

    6 semesters
  • Degree

    Bachelor of Arts
  • Restricted admission

  • Accreditation

    by AQAS

5 good reasons

  • You can choose between 7 majors

  • All of your professors have an industry-background

  • Study in small groups

  • Field trips and guest lectures are a regular part of your studies

  • Extend your horizon in a semester abroad

It's a match if

  • Your strengths and interests depend on your major

  • You’re not afraid of numbers

  • You like working in teams

  • You have basic English skills

  • You’re interested in entrepreneurship and business

What it’s about

For a business to be successful, a number of individual elements have to run smoothly together – like clockwork. Employees who love their jobs; the right advertising; profits that are reported correctly and re-invested smartly at the same time. All the while supply chains have to run in the background and keep everything going and – most importantly – there have to be people in charge and control of all this.

In this degree programme we will make you one of these people.

Course structure & majors

In the first three semesters of your studies we will build the solid foundation for your future career. Your timetable will include maths and investment as well as marketing and the digital economy. The “English & Skills” module block will help you brush up your English skills as well as other useful skills such as time management to a professional level.

When you’ve had time to figure out your interests and strengths, you get to choose the one major best suited to you – there are seven majors to pick from.

In addition, there are different supplementary modules to choose from every semester: Create your own timetable so that it fits you and your career plans.

In the sixth semester of the programme you will get a taste of the real world: You will complete a three-month internship in a company of your choice and, who knows, maybe you’ll find the topic for your bachelor’s thesis at the same time.

Future prospects

You want to continue your studies?

If you want to continue your studies at master’s level, maybe our master’s degree programme Business Management is a fit! Or maybe our eHealth master’s is just the right programme if you want to go into the health field.

You want to work?

The job titles of our former students are as varied as the curriculum – your future job and the tasks it involves largely depend on your major of course, and on what you want. You can work in SME as well as in large companies, in an administrative or in a management position.

Our alumni work in a variety of industries, they include:

  • Trade & transports
  • The health sector
  • Media
  • The banking sector
  • Consulting

Their tasks depend on the sector they work ina nd the major they chose, some of them are:

  • Calculating and conceptualising
  • Coordination & project management
  • Accounting & auditing
  • Customer acquisition
  • Developing strategies

How do I apply?

If what you have rad so far matches your strengths, interests and your idea of what you would like to study and do - in short, if this sounds like the perfect degree programme for you, you should apply.

Depending on whether you have acquired your university entrance qualification in Germany or abroad, the application process varies. If you went to school outside Germany, please apply via uni-assist. If your university entrance qualification was issued by a German school, please apply via our Online Service Tool.

Course Guidance