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Institute for eHealth and Management in Health Care

Logo des IEMG: Links halbe Elipsen in grün- und Blautönen, daneben IEMG und der vollständige Name des Instituts.

At FUAS we have more than 20 years of experience in research on the health care system. A lot has happened during that time: The digital age has changed health care, too, just as we had diagnosed early on.

Students have been able to study hospital management for more than 20 years at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. In 2007 we introduced the master’s degree programme eHealth – the first of its kind in Germany.

The Institute for eHealth and Management in Health Care (IEMG) was founded in 2013 and plays an active role in teaching as well as in numerous research projects. The institute is – and has been – part of a number of EU funded projects in the so-called Baltic Sea Region. The IEMG cooperates with universities, businesses and organisations from the health sector. This network reaches across the Baltic region and beyond, the institute’s partners come from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the U.S.

In Germany, and in and around Flensburg in particular, the IEMG also cooperates with hospitals and university hospitals, companies and organisations from various areas of the health industry; they include health insurance providers as well as medical engineering and software companies.

This allows our students an insight into work and research in their chosen subject area. They also gain access to actors from the health sector. Our cooperation partners benefit from our combined expertise in a number of relevant fields: business administration, management, business informatics, medicine and social sciences.

For further information on the IEMG, their activities and the services they offer and how you may benefit from them, please visit the institute’s website.

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