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Information on the upcoming exam period

The new decree on measures relating to COVID-19 and the universities [Corona HEVO] has come into force on 23 January 2021. The part that is particularly relevant for the upcoming exam period is §5 of that decree:


§5 Change in form of teaching and assessment, recognition, “free shot”

(1) Exams or assessment carried out in electronic form or using electronic means of communication (“electronic exam”) fall within the scope of other forms of assessment under §105 para. 3 of the Higher Education Act. The university has the right to process students’ personal data necessary to carry out such an exam. Further details shall be regulated by the universities, they shall ensure the protection of data as well as the identification of examinees and the fact that it is the examinee who actually completes an exam thus preventing acts of deception (“cheating”). They shall also define ways to deal with technical problems during exams and specify them in Regulations to be agreed on by the President's Office.

(2) Exams taken and not passed after this decree comes into force will not count as attempted (Freiversuch, “free shot”) if

1.     they are carried out in electronic form because of the COVID-19 pandemic or

2.     the form of assessment defined in the Examination Regulations has been replaced by another form of assessment.

For students with childcare duties for children under the age of 14 and whose study and examination situation has been significantly impeded by the fact that schools and kindergartens were closed, any assessment/exam taken but not passed in the winter semester 2020/21 shall not count as failed (“Freiversuch”).

In addition to sentences (1) and (2) the Dean may determine in which degree programmes or modules exams/assessment which were taken but not passed will count as not attempted in the winter semester 2020/21 due to study and examination conditions being significantly impeded by the limitations to teaching on campus (“Freiversuch”).


What does that mean for you as a student?

We are doing everything in our power to create the conditions necessary for you to have a successful semester, including exams and assessment, while at the same time ensuring that everyone can stay safe and healthy. This creates significant challenges but we are doing what we can to manage it. We kindly ask you to be patient even if everything is not perfect at all times or if we overlook something. 

Exam period:

The exam period will take place in the scheduled period of time. The exams will take place from 8 February until 5 March, i.e. (almost) as planned. (Cf. “Examination schedule and dates” below.)

Registration for exams:

The online registration for the exams will be re-opened. You will be informed about the new procedure. 

Online or distance exam:

There will be no exams on campus. As the possibilities of how to best carry out online or distance exams are different for each subject and module, the examiners will determine in which way an exam will be held. The examiners will let you know about the way in which your online or distance exam will be carried out a week before the exam is due to take place, there may be delays in some individual cases. We realize that this means that you register for an exam without knowing what exactly it will be. That’s why there are generous free shot and withdrawal provisions. 

Examination schedule and dates:

As a general rule the dates specified in the examination schedule remain valid. Unfortunately this cannot apply to all types of assessment. If, for example, an exam is to be held as an oral exam or as a take home exam (a written exam to be completed at home rather than on campus), it will not be possible to complete this in the assigned time slot (e.g. of two hours). Ideally, these exams will at least be held on the day scheduled originally. Take home exams should be handed in after two days at the latest. By doing this we are trying to avoid a clash of different exams taking place at the same time.

Free shots, withdrawal from exams:

§5, para. 2 specifies the provisions for free shots. In the summer semester free shots were only granted for classes attended in that semester. In this exam period free shots are granted for all exams offered in digital form and all exams where the type of assessment is replaced by another form of assessment.

If you withdraw from an exam a doctor’s note is not necessary.

How exams will be carried out:

For some exams it may be required that you are present in a video conferencing room, this can be a BigBlueButton room on the Stud.IP platform or a room in FUAS’ Webex system. Other exams may not require your attendance in such a room.  You will have to confirm that you are completing the exam yourself for each exam you take. If exams are held without a check of attendance via a video conferencing tool, FUAS reserves the right to hold oral exams if there is reason to suspect an attempted deception. If video conferencing tools are used during an exam, the video data will only be used for the purpose of the exam. 

Many exams will require you to solve problems in handwritten form as this will also make things easier for you. Your answers will then have to be uploaded to FUAS (e.g. using Stud.IP, ownCloud or e-mail). Please make sure that you are able to take pictures of your sheets or scan them. Also, please make sure that your files are not too being (particularly if the phone you are using to take pictures with is a newer model). Take low resolution pictures.

Please check that you can meet these technical requirements in time before the start of an exam.

Legal basis:

In addition to the Corona-HEVO, Rules on changes in the form of teaching and assessment will be agreed on.